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Image by Johann Siemens


Capa is an online platform for families impacted by child to parent abuse and professionals supporting them. 

We work with families providing support and strategies to reexamine ways to communicate and repair fractured relationships. 

Reducing levels of violence and abuse in the relationship and home.

We offer training to professionals, consultation and supervision. 

Set up in 2019 Capa was created to bridge a gap for both families and professionals. Services supporting this issue, with specialist workers who understand child to parent abuse can be hard to find and can be a postcode lottery.

Our services have helped families to make real changes, reducing isolation, encouraging positive healthy relationships and supporting parents and young people to effect change.

Child to parent abuse is often a relationship fracture and a breakdown in communication. This can lead to a child or young person feeling out of control resulting in violent and abusive actions.

We support parents to understand what is happening and build strategies to repair relationships stopping the unwanted behaviour.  

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