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Helen trained as a social worker and it was in this role that she first encountered child to parent violence during the early 1980s. When the opportunity arose to pursue further study she was able to learn more about the difficulties facing families, and this work then led to the setting up of the website, Holes in the Wall, which now acts as an international knowledge and resource hub.

She has spent the last ten years devoting her time to raising awareness, encouraging networking and mutual support, speaking with the media and government, lobbying for a more joined-up and strategic response; and in writing a practice guide for all those who encounter this neglected issue whether in their personal or professional lives.

Helen is delighted to support Capa and the work they do, she is excited to bring her knowledge, experience and support to a flourishing CIC, who are making real change for the families they work with.

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Founder and CEO

Jane has 30 years of experience working with families, 16 years supporting families experiencing domestic abuse and specifically with Child to Parent Abuse.
She is a  national trainer supporting agencies around the globe and is regularly invited to speak at conferences, to policymakers and to the media.
As the lead practitioner, Jane speaks with families on a daily basis, working with them to reduce violence and abuse in the home.

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Digital and Marketing Officer

Saba works with various clients highlighting the mental health and wellbeing of young people, the lack of support they receive, including issues with cultural identity, racism and homophobia/transphobia. She provides press, PR and communications support as well as managing social media and supporting campaign work. She is a trustee for Galop UK the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity and sits on the Crown Prosecution Service London hate crime panel.

Saba previously volunteered for Capa and is now able to use her experience of digital media and marketing to help raise awareness about child to parent abuse and services offered by Capa.



Chair of Directors

Justin brings corporate expertise from senior roles in both the private and public sectors and scaling his own start-ups.  He provides general governance oversight to CAPA to ensure it is sustainable and delivers the best impact.   His interest in CAPA stems from a belief that child to parent abuse is under-represented, under-reported and growing, that the cause does not follow a predictable pattern, and that intervention has a better chance for more immediate and lasting societal impact than more traditional Domestic Violence cases.



Director of Finance

Jenine has many years experience working with the charitable sector in a financial capacity. 

Jenine has been involved with Capa since the company was formed wearing many hats including funding and development. 

Jenine brings a clear oversight of what is required of a CIC and helping to develop the financial strategic overview of the company. 




Madelaine Hunter-Taylor is a proud Director at Capa First Response, supporting and improving the outcomes for all people impacted by Child to Parent Abuse.

As a parent and professional working within the Domestic Abuse sector and with young people, this challenging issue is a priority.  Through Madelaine’s work in partnership with Capa, she is determined to create better responses for families and young people and increasing support and knowledge for support professionals.

Madelaine is also founder and director of The Rita Project CIC, working to create system change and change the conversation about abusive behaviours (www.theritraproject.com)



Freelance Supervisor

Pam is a formally qualified social worker who spent many years working with familial violence both in the statutory services and voluntary organisations over a period of 40yrs. She also helped develop the first child to parent abuse programme in the UK. 

Pam is now a consultant and trainer on attachment and trauma and works primarily with fostering and adoption carers and those social work teams helping to understand how attachment and trauma can impact children and the family they live with, that can lead to violence and abuse in the home.

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We are delighted to have Helen join our team , Helen has worked previously in the NHS and local government.
She supports the team with the overall administration  of CAPA.