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Network Meetings 

November 2022

Join other professionals discussing best practices and support available for practitioners working with child to parent abuse. 

In our next session we hope to be discussing primary aged children and harmful behaviors displayed in the home towards family members.

Each session is 2 hours and is held virtually over zoom.  During our planned discussions you will hear from  experts in the field, have the opportunity to participate and ask questions as well as decide arears of discussion for future events.


Image by Chris Montgomery


5th October 2022 10.00am - 1.00pm GMT

In this growing area of concern for families we offer professionals a three our webinar looking at why children use these harmful behaviours in the home towards a parent, care giver or wider family members.

This webinar will enable professionals to feel more confident in identifying child to parent abuse, and offer real strategies that can make a difference to families. 

Led by the founder of Capa First Response you will get up to date and  practical information, that will have a direct impact  on your practice and help reduce violence and abusive behaviors in the home.

Image by CJ Dayrit
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